Ryans has screened in over 15 film festivals worldwide and has won a jury award for Best North American Short Film. "It’s a familiar scene: Girl meets Boy, set up by a matchmaker friend. Girl freaks out because Boy has the same name (Ryan) as the man who just broke her heart. Girl dresses down Boy for an offense beyond his control. Will they reconcile? Actor and director Rain Valdez’s funny and poignant short film proceeds through tried-and-true tropes; miscommunication, misdirection, and a reconciliation that foretells a bright future for two very attractive people. Clocking in at 14 minutes, Ryans is exactly the length most rom-coms should be. And with its strong performances, Ryans presents romantic engagement as something we all seek and deserve, gender identity be damned." - Roula Seikaly, KQED Arts #WeDontDateRyans

This is what you sound like when you say cissexist things to a trans woman.

Written and directed by Rain Valdez

Starring Ruby Flores and Natasha London

A husband and wife seeking couple's therapy convince their best friends to embark on a reluctant game of "friend therapist," which reveals a secret meant to stay hidden.
A Woman is 'kiss-hexed' by a homeless person and must find another person to kiss by midnight or she expires - an unlikely love story.
Rain Valdez's acting reel features scenes from her recurring role on TV Land's series Lopez as Coco. As well as scenes from Ryans, Hexed, Juiced, Switch & a Sci-fi short film Trans-R.

"I'm not afraid anymore."

Written and Produced By Rain Valdez