Rain Valdez.
It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.
— Audre Lorde




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I gave up living stealth” and I’m never going back

I was afraid for the longest time. I never wanted to admit that I was a trans woman. I had my own internal transphobia. In fact, when I encounter new people and the subject of my trans identity comes up, usually the first question they ask is, "When did you know you were trans?"


21 Transgender Stars, Creators Sound Off on Hollywood.

Trans actress and producer Rain Valdez (Transparent) was seated in front of a camera in The Hollywood Reporter's Los Angeles offices for an interview about trans representation in entertainment.


gay times august 2018: sisterhood

Rain Valdez joins Trace Lysette, Alexandra Billings and Alexandra Grey for the cover of Gay Times UK.


Rain Valdez is an out and proud transgender actress and award-winning filmmaker. Getting her start in playing ‘Coco’ in season 2 of TV Land’s Lopez and doubling in Amazon's Transparent as Miss Van Nuys on screen and a producer behind the scenes. Valdez’s rom-com short Ryans, which she stars in and co-created with Natalie Heltzel, screened in over 15 film festivals worldwide after premiering at Outfest, winning the Jury Award for Best North American Short at the NCGLFF. Rain, has been named one of Outfest LA's Next Generation of Filmmakers and has completed Ryan Murphy’s Half Initiative directing program. She recently stars in a Paul Feig directed, half-hour comedy pilot for Freeform TV, guest stars in Amazon’s Sneaky Pete and can also be seen in the CBS All Access new show Why Women Kill

Her 7-part web series Razor Tongue, which she wrote and stars in, had its international premiere in Toronto at InsideOut Film Festival and its US premiere in San Francisco at Frameline Film Festival of June 2019, as well as, premiering in LA at the Outfest Film Festival. Rain just won InsideOut Film Festival’s Pitch Please! contest, with a cash prize and an additional $10K going toward her next short film project. Rain continues to be at the forefront of TV and film making with message and purpose and looks ahead to continued success in the many genres that excites her.